Vladimir Zubkov

applied mathematics

The research that I have conducted during my PDRA, PhD and MSc studies focuses on the application of numerical and asymptotic methods for Continuum Mechanics. In my PhD project I studied free surface viscous fluid dynamics, while my MSc project focused on a model of multi-component gas flow with a physically important discontinuous solution. My current research interest has been related to the mathematical modelling of the human tear film (especially in the context of dry eye pathology) and mathematical modelling of kidney morphogenesis. Thus, my research interests have evolved from physical to biological problems, as the latter are typically driven by core questions from the biomedical and clinical sciences, offering the prospect of supporting and developing research that impacts people positively and directly.

More specifically, to date, I have been involved with the following projects:

1. Mathematical Modelling of Kidney Morphogenesis. OCCAM PDRA Project.

2. The Human Tear Film Modelling. OCCAM PDRA Project.

3. Stability of Lubrication flows, drag-out problem in liquid film theory. PhD project.

4. Gasdynamic simulation of the solar wind interaction with the local interstellar medium. MSc project in MSU.

5. Development of key performance indicators for an enterprise using statistical and intelligent methods of data analysis. MSc project in HSE.